I'm a designer, maker, and educator based in Providence, Rhode Island. I make websites, applications, furniture, and spaces that explore the intersection of culture, technology, and experience. I recently launched Work-Shop, a research, design, and digital fabrication studio.


RISD Re: Making Architecture Symposium Media Coordinator 2012

Design and execution of social media strategy, design and development of symposium website. Conducted alumni
interviews for website. Built web content. Interfaced with and coordinated alumni speakers and discussions.

Conform Lab Computation and Fabrication Designer 2010

Worked with Conform Lab to develop custom software to produce novel forms of jewelry, and assisted with fabrication and design-build projects.

Rhode Island School of Design Digital Fabrication Monitor 2010-2012

Manage and oversee digital fabrication operations within the Architecture department. Optimization of processes and
practices, training of monitors. Assist students with design and fabrication of work.

Brown University Woodshop Monitor 2010-2011

Oversee shop operations, work with shop tech and monitors for safety and best practices. Assist students with projects.

CBLH Design Architectural Intern 2008-2009

Collaborated on building design, graphic representation, model building. Worked with project managers to contribute to
design and execution of projects. Gave in-office seminar workshops for graphics software.

Gaspar Associates Architects Architectural Intern 2007

Collaboration on schematic design and design development, drafting and graphic representation.

Denk Associates Engineering Intern 2005

Created diagrammatic and schematic mechanical and electrical drawings. Collaborated with architects and Construction managers.


Rhode Island School of Design Master of Architecture 2009-2012

Alpha Rho Chi Medal for leadership and contribution to community, Office of Student Life Student Leadership Award 2011 and 2012.

Brown Univeristy 2009-2012

Sheridan Teaching Certificate 1 Program, study in the Visual Arts, Modern Culture and Media Departments

Bowling Green State Univeristy Bachelor of Science in Architecture 2004-2009


Rhode Island School of Design Instructor, Graduate Studies 2014 - Present

Teaching various interdisciplinary courses exploring the role of contemporary methods of making in traditional art and design practices. Courses provide students the theoretical and technical underpinnings for weaving digital fabrication into their studio practices.

Roger Williams University Instructor, Computer Applications in Architecture - Digital Literacy 2014

A foundational Digital Design and Representation course for second year architecture students. The goal of the course is to promote 'Digital Literacy' - giving students agency to learn software and processes on their own, and integrate into their design process. The course aims to provide both academic and professional skills.

RISD Department of Continuing Education Instructor, Digital Design for the Screen 2011, 2012

An introduction to digital thinking, and design thinking. Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create powerful visual designs. Introduction to web design with HTML+CSS. Redeveloped curriculum to transition out of flash and into hand-coding web design.

General Electric Workshop Leader/Instructor, Design thinking and creativity workshops 2011

Taught a series of creative thinking workshops to software engineering and management teams, focused on specific topics such as Future of the iPhone.

Brown University Graduate teaching assistantship, Hybrid Art 2011

Interdisciplinary studio art course investigating the creative process and hybridity in art. Course and syllabus design, development of assignments, in class lectures, skill based demonstrations.

RISD Foundation Studies Graduate teaching assistantship, Spatial Dynamics 2010

Worked with students in their first year, to develop foundational 3 dimensional design skills. Gave tutorials, critiqued work, documented work.

RISD Department of Architecture Graduate teaching assistantship, digital representation 2010

Instructed tutorials, critiqued design and representation projects, provided individualized help.

Brown University Department of Engineering Guest Instructor, Design thinking for Creativity 2010

Taught a 3 week unit on object oriented programming (Processing, Java) for creative applications.

RISD Quickies Workshops Director, Workshop Instructor 2010-2012

Gave workshops on web design, intro to programming, laser cutting, computational geometry, Grasshopper, object oriented programming.

RISD Architectural Technologies Workshops Series Director, Workshop Instructor 2009-2011

Gave workshops on Rhino, Grasshopper, RhinoScript, advanced digital fabrication, complex curvature and forms.

CBLH Design Office Technology Seminars 2008-2009

Gave in-office workshops on new technologies for the practice of architecture.


RISD Office of Student Life Graduate Research Assistantship, Student analytics 2011-2012

Collaboration with data analytics firm to collect and analyze student experience data. Technical direction, visual design, interaction design, web development and database engineering.

RISD Department of Architecture Graduate Research Assistantship, Computed forms 2011-2012

Exploring complex spherical and parabolic geometry through 3d modeling and computation.

RISD Department of Architecture Collaborative Group Study, New methods of practice 2011

Investigating collaborative pedagogies, non-permanent creative practices, and design entrepreneurship.

RISD Department of Architecture Graduate Research Assistantship, Computational design 2009-2010

Study of computational architectural software such as Rhinoscripting and Grasshopper.


Rhode Island School of Design Graduate Student Government Vice President 2011-2012

Graduate student government, connecting and enhancing the graduate community at RISD through programming, policy
making, interface with faculty, staff and administration. Management of events such as Graduate Open Studios.

RISD Grad Book Management and Editorial Team 2012

An annual catalog of graduating graduate student work. Project management, conceptualization, coordination, editing. Conducted faculty interviews for book content.

RISD Quickies Director 2010-2012

Student-taught, student-organized workshops at the Rhode Island School of Design. Connecting and enhancing the RISD community through educational entrepreneurship. Organizational strategy, management of a 10 person team, web design, curriculum design, and marketing.

RISD Provost Search Committee 2012

Search committee for the new provost for the university, selecting candidates, interviewing, and determining final placement.

RISD Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee 2011-2012

Faculty and administration committee with oversight of academic policy and initiatives across University.

RISD Curriculum and Instruction Committee 2010-2011

Faculty and administration committee with oversight of curriculum operations and development.

RISD Re:Making Architecture symposium Media Coordinator 2012

Design and execution of social media strategy, design and development of symposium website. Conducted alumni interviews, interfaced with alumni and visiting lecturers.

Facade Media Festival Co-Founder, Curator, Director 2012

Building scale projection based performances from students across disciplines. Organization, marketing, curation and preparation of projects.

RISD Summer Orientation Orientation Leader 2011

Planning, development and execution of summer transfer orientation for incoming students.

RISD Architecture Triennial Exhibition Project Manager, Media Coordinator 2011

Design and execution of marketing and social media strategy. Curation, preparation, and exhibition of student work to represent the department. Installation design and execution for projection room.

Architectural Technologies Workshop Series Founder, Director 2009-2011

Architecture-specific workshops taught by students, to infuse new technologies into curricular gaps.

24 Hour Design Jam Facilitator, Designer 2010

Web and identity design event for local non-profits. Bring together designers, writers, developers, and stakeholders for an agile production of a new website for a selected organization. Project management, logistics, content and web design.

RISD Rhode Kill Running Club Long distance training director 2009-2011

Designed training plans, lead group workouts, gave workshops on stretching and nutrition. Lead training for half marathon, full marathon and Half Ironman triathlons.

American Institute of Architecture Students Vice President, BGSU Chapter 2007-2009

Student group facilitated and promoting student organized architecture initiatives, such as Freedom By Design, architectural workshop series, lecture series, screenings, and social events.

Awards and Honors

Boston Architectural College EDCO Faculty Development Grant 2013

Educational research grant to teach a fully funded, digital fabrication research-design-build studio.

St. Botolph Club Emerging Artist Award Grant 2012

Nominated for application, and selected as a grant recipient for continued art and design research.

RISD Commencement Hooding Ceremony Speaker 2012

Student speaker for the RISD Graduate Student Hooding Ceremony.

RISD Department of Architecture Alpha Rho Chi Medal 2012

Student award for leadership and contribution to community.

RISD Student Leadership Award 2011, 2012

Award for leadership of student organizations and initiatives.

Bowling Green State University Degree Project Competition, Second Place 2009

Second Place in competition for project South Bass Island Nature and Interpretive Center.

Bowling Green State University Student Lounge Design Build Competition 2009

Design of student lounge in the College of Technology selected for prototyping and building.

Lectures and Speaking

Art + Design Interdisciplinary Collaboration Guest Speaker 2013

Spoke about current creative practice, showcasing projects and process, to a group of graduate students from across many departments at RISD.

RISD Department of Graphic Design UI/UX Design Guest Lecture 2013

Lectured on recent User Interface and User Experience design projects, emphasizing collaboration, project management, client relations, and building value for projects.

Northeastern University Department of Graphic Design Guest Speaker 2013

Spoke to a group of senior graphic design students about cross-disciplinary design with an emphasis on UI/UX design, and the relationship between web design and development.

Wentworth Institute of Technology Guest Instructor 2013

Presented research on computational spatial systems, and provided an introduction to grasshopper workshop.

RISD Department of Digital+Media Guest Speaker 2013

Presented a series of personal works and contemporary examples of computed spatial systems as they pertain to architecture, fine art, and design. Rhode Island School of Design Digital+Media course: Systems: Structure & Creation.

Providence Wordpress Meetup Responsive Web Design Lecture 2013

Presented an overview, a series of works, and introduction to techniques of responsive web design.

RISD Department of Industrial Design Guest Critic 2013

Guest critic for Advanced Studio exploring bio-luminescent materials.

RISD Department of Architecture Guest Critic 2012-2013

Guest critic for the following studios: Advanced studio - Computed Drawing Systems, Core Studio - Urban Design, Advanced Studio - Cabinet of Curiousities, Digital Constructs, Architectonics, Spatial Dynamics.

RISD Department of Landscape Architecture Guest Critic 2012

Guest critic for Advanced Studio - Landscape Mutations.

UI/UX Design Panel Discussion Panel Moderator 2012

Facilitated panel discussion with UI/UX designers from Google and Microsoft on the current state of the industry, and how it relates to the Rhode Island School of Design community.

RISD Graduate Studies Keynote Speaker Panel Guest Speaker, Panel participant 2011

Participated in Keynote panel with artist J. Morgan Puett, and other RISD faculty.

IDSA Keynote Lecture Panel Guest Speaker, Panel Participant 2010

Industrial Designers Society of America Northeast Conference 2010 Keynote Speech - Participated in a panel led by Rhode Island School of Design president John Maeda, and other RISD students, discussing redesigning education.

Creative Connoisseurs Dinner Series Crowdsourcing and Crowdpleasing 2010

Hosted by Rhode Island School of Design president John Maeda, a series bringing together chefs, creatives and industry experts around themes.


The Body Show RISD Museum, Gelman Gallery 2011

Human Topological Transformations

Two Site Competition RISD Open Studios 2010

Four Door

Liminal Spaces Providence, RI 2010



RISD Grad Thesis Show Exhibition, Architecture Department Curator, Project Manager 2012

An exhibition of RISD graduate student work, curated individually by each department. Coordinated submissions, delivery, installation and mounting, graphics, and media.

RISD Grad Book Project Manger, Editorial Team 2012

An annual catalog of graduating graduate student work. Project management, conceptualization, coordination, editing. Conducted faculty interviews for book content. Coordinated web-based submission and curation systems.

Facade Media Festival Co-Founder, Director, Curator 2012

Building scale projection based performances from students across disciplines. Organization, marketing, curation and preparation of projects.

RISD Museum Gelman Gallery Selection Jury 2011

Member of a 4 person Jury reviewing submissions for proposed exhibitions, to select 3 for the calendar year.


Design leadership including: Creative development, leadership and organization, conceptual and strategic systems design, logistics and operations, community building, marketing and communication. Creation of platforms for creative collaboration. Strategic development for cross-disciplinary, cross-sector initiatives. Emphasis on collaborative projects. Formulating and managing agile, project-specific teams.

Architectural Design and Graphics

Model making, full scale construction, installation design
Rhino, AutoCAD, Maya, Grasshopper / RhinoScript, Google Sketchup, Google Earth
Rendering - VRay, Kerkythea, 3dStudio Max
Digital fabrication - laser cutting, CNC milling, rapid prototyping, 3d printing
Woodshop and woodworking training


User Interface / User Experience Design
Wireframing / Mockups / Interactive Prototyping
Graphic Design / Identity / Branding
Spatial Design / Architectural / Interior / Exhibition Design
3d Modeling / Digital Fabrication / Physical Prototyping


Javascript / jQuery / jQuery plugins

Software + Languages

Adobe Creative Suite
JustinMind Prototyper
Processing, Arduino
C++ / Java / Python / VB
Microsoft Office

Web, Graphic Design, Programming

User Interface/User Experience Design - mockups, prototypes, design, development
HTML + CSS, JavaScript/Jquery, PHP, mySQL
WordPress custom theme development
Object oriented programming , Processing, Java, C++, VB
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Flash

Custom Software Development

Rhino plugins built with RhinoScript, Grasshopper
Custom digital fabrication controls
Processing library building
XBOX Kinect interfaces
Physical Computing interfaces with Arduino


Organized, Adaptive, Collaborative
Strategy, Leadership, Direction
Project Management, Agile / Scrum